Author: Val Tate

18 December 2023 Off

Children are our future

By Val Tate

As adults, we have a duty to equip the next generation to live their best lives. This is the Wolvercote Young People’s Club’s guiding principle…

25 November 2023 Off

All things apple-y

By Val Tate

Laughter and conversation filled Wolvercote’s Community Orchard on Apple Day 2023, even managing to drown the persistent rumble of the…

2 September 2023 Off


By Val Tate

As a trustee of the Wolvercote Young People’s Club, it’s easy to become consumed by day-to-day concerns, finding enough money…

5 June 2023 Off

A great year so far

By Val Tate

The Wolvercote Young People’s Club’s aims is to recognise young people and staff for their achievements. 2023 has started out…