Wolvercote Commoners’ Committee

Wolvercote Commoners’ Committee

5 June 2023 Off By Mary Brown

At the end of April, we held our AGM. It was well-attended, including in the audience the Lord Mayor of Oxford as well as the Chair of Oxford County Council. We were very pleased that both Julian Cooper, Countryside Supervisor and Port Meadow Ranger from the City Council, and Paul Buckley, Acting Chair of the Wolvercote Neighbourhood Forum Steering Committee, were able to give talks and answer questions.

Members of the Committee gave reports on the various pieces of common land under our management, mainly Wolvercote Common and Wolvercote Green. On the Common, last year was difficult because of the extreme heat and extended dry period, which meant that the grass was insufficient for all the cattle, so some were moved off earlier than usual. On Wolvercote Green, high winds led to problems with some of the large willows, so work had to be done to them to make them safe. Work on the trees near to Godstow Road has led to the removal of some which were overhanging the pavement.

The monthly Saturday morning work party has done excellent work on the Green, which is showing dividends in the wildlife on the Green. Digging out the ditches has raised the possibility of water voles taking up residence there, which would be super. 

Issues raised by attendees included the mud at the bridges over Shiplake Ditch on the Common (which is hopefully going to be sorted out by the City Council), and the mud in front of the bench opposite the Village Hall, which we are going to try to sort out….The area is a part of the Green, and so is common land, and there are restrictions on what can be done.

The Committee is very welcoming to new members who want to be involved in the conservation of our wonderful green heritage. Please get in touch if you’re interested -wolvercote.commoners@yahoo.co.uk.

Mary Brown