Warm Space

Warm Space

25 March 2023 Off By Sally Croft

We met with Sally Croft and asked her what made her want to set up a Warm Space at the White Hart…

“It was the thought of the impending cost of living crisis which I discussed with friend Christine Hayle – who helps run the Dandelions Toddler Group with me, and then I met Jo Sandelson on the meadow who encouraged me to keep in touch in case she could help.
Initially we thought it could run in the Baptist Church Hall too, and Viv Edwards – the then minister – was keen.
Alas though, she was then diagnosed with a terminal illness and has died, so authority there is in abeyance. So I asked Amanda Jones (White Hart Community Pub Manager) whether we could use the pub and Whoosh ! It all took off”.

Wolvercote’s own Warm Space runs at the White Hart on Wednesdays and Fridays 10am -1pm until Easter with a log fire, Food Hub, tea, coffee, soup (more details and exact dates can be found in our events calendar)

Books and newspapers, or bring your knitting or your laptop?  Continuing over the summer from 12 till 1pm on Wednesdays for the Food Hub only. Come and help yourself!

If anyone has any questions, Sally will be happy to help. She can be contacted on 01865 553 146 or via email mail@sallycroft.co.uk