White Hart – Warm Space

White Hart – Warm Space

25 November 2023 Off By Sally Croft

Warm Space has been running on Wednesdays in the White Hart over the summer months, offering coffee at cost, and free food and provisions from the Oxford Food Hub, all specifically supported in this by the local Council.

With the approach of winter, Warm Space is planning to re-open each Wednesday in the White Hart from 10am to 1pm from 1 November 2023.

Our team will offer free tea and coffee (or Missing Bean coffee at cost), biscuits, cake, newspapers, toys and books and, as needed, a log fire.

There will continue to be the Food Hub offerings between 12 and 1pm.  Although we have generous support in this from individuals, from the Festival and from the Council, we are dependent on contributions either in cash or in kind, all of which will be gratefully received.

Everyone is welcome to come into the pub and enjoy a cosy morning of chat and refreshment. 

We are trying to establish a printed Directory of Recommended Local Resources and Services, so that if you suddenly need a plumber or help in the garden, or babysitting, this will be where to look.  This directory will be regularly updated as people submit changes or additions.